JNSLABS hygiene products

JNSLABS is a line of hygiene products, including medical masks, medical gloves, gels and surface disinfectants. All JNSLABS products comply with European norms and have been approved by independent laboratories. JNSLABS is used at home and by professionals from the health sector and the food industry.

JNSLABS gels and surface disinfectants are Free from Animal Derived Ingredients.

At JNSLABS, we are dedicated to offering high quality, affordable, safe and environmentally conscious products.
We use recyclable materials for the packaging and produce our bottles on our premises to reduce the impact on the environment.

For our gels and spray disinfectant, we select Natural, Eco-Friendly ingredients, including:

ETHANOL: plant-based, non-GMO, natural antibacterial
ALOE VERA: organic, plant based, natural humectant
PROPANEDIOL: plant based, natural humectant
VEGETABLE GLYCERIN: plant-based, skin hydration

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