A sustainable development company

JNSLABS is a cosmetics and personal care company headquartered in Luxembourg, EU.
Our mission is to improve the well-being of people in developing countries by providing access to affordable and natural health and hygiene products.

The JNSLABS certification process guarantees all products are environmental-friendly and contain safe and natural ingredients. All products are developed in France and manufactured at our innovative Plug and Produce factory in Uzbekistan.

Inspired by nature

Inspired by nature

The source of inspiration for launching JNSLABS is the breath-taking beauty of the Central Asian steppes and the pure waters of the western Tian Shan mountains. The natural ingredients in our products come primarily from this region along the ancient Silk Road.

French expertise

JNS LABS has the advantage of expert French cosmetic chemists in crafting personal health and hygiene products free from allergens and chemicals harmful to the body and the environment.

JNSLABS expertise


JNSLABS is the very first French cosmetics factory to open in Central Asia. True to our mission, we make high quality products more accessible and more affordable to people of developing countries. We contribute to their economic well-being through local employment opportunities. We benefit the communities where we do business.


The concept for JNSLABS as a sustainable development company evolved out of a common vision shared by its founders in 1997. The founders noted inequitable access to affordable and safe personal health care products in many developing countries, especially in Central Asia. What if, they asked themselves, the world-famous cosmetics and hygiene products developed in France were affordable and accessible to a more diverse population of consumers across the globe?

In 2015, French cosmetic experts began experimenting with developing all natural, plant-based formulas to meet the challenge. By 2016, the first batch of formulas was ready for production and by the next year, JNS LABS opened its first production facility in Uzbekistan. Today, JNS LABS is an international company based in France, Luxembourg and Uzbekistan and employs over 60 people.

JNSLABS Certified Quality

Developed at JNSLABS, the formulas contain natural ingredients and are free from harsh or toxic chemicals: 0% paraben, BHA, BHT, EDTA and triclosan; 0% ingredients prohibited by the European Commission.


Committed to sustainability and protecting our environment, JNS LABS products are made with biodegradable material: 0% chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), mineral oils and microbeads.

Vegan & Cruelty free

JNS LABS formulas have 0% animal substances (vegan) and were developed without animal testing (cruelty-free).

JNSLABS certificate